Martin Kraft

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As a 100% distributed company, one of the many ways we keep connected to our colleagues is through “icebreakers”. Each week a few people are preselected to kickoff our R&D department meeting to share something personal.

As an example, here’s one of my recent icebreakers:

The combination of our weekly scheduled video meetings, as well as other task-based, ad-hoc meetings, means you end up getting a lot of face time with colleagues.

Arguably the interactions are more private than the equivalent ad-hoc discussions one has in an office environment. They’re a far cry from the conference call dial-in hell of old.

But regardless of how they compare to their non-distributed counterparts, leveraging video conferences and icebreakers are some of the many ways we bridge the gap where audio-only and text-only communication can fall short of the nuanced communication that people need to work well together.